Elastic Partner

Empowering Solutions with Elastic's Leading-edge Real-time
Search and Observability Technologies.

Uprevol's Collaborative Partnership with Elastic for Enhanced Digital Solutions

Through our collaboration with Elastic, Uprevol delivers advanced digital solutions, offering enhanced enterprise search, observability, and cybersecurity measures. Our focus on scalability and compliance ensures a holistic approach to digital transformation, empowering your organization in today’s dynamic business landscape.


As an Elastic partner, what value do we deliver to clients?

Actionable Insights

Partnering with Elastic, we enable rapid exploration and analysis, delivering valuable, actionable insights to clients.

Comprehensive Data Search

Utilizing Elastic’s solutions, we empower organizations to surface, search, and report across diverse data types.

Flexible, Scalable Solutions

Our collaboration ensures flexible, infinitely scalable solutions for real-time data analysis in secure environments.


Powering Enterprise Excellence with Search, Observability, and Security

Enterprise Search

Efficient Data Exploration

Uprevol optimizes enterprise search, utilizing Elastic's real-time, scalable solutions for efficient data exploration.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

Uprevol optimizes enterprise search, utilizing Elastic's real-time, scalable solutions for efficient data exploration.

Real-time Scalability

Leveraging Elastic's technology stack, Uprevol provides real-time scalability for a seamless and efficient enterprise search experience.

Boosted Productivity

The integration contributes to heightened productivity by streamlining information retrieval processes within enterprise environments.


Comprehensive Observability

Uprevol leverages Elastic to deliver comprehensive observability solutions, providing insights across systems, applications, and infrastructure.

Efficient Data Analysis

Our collaboration enables efficient analysis of log, network, geospatial, structured, and cybersecurity data for actionable insights.

Flexible Deployment

Workloads are orchestrated seamlessly across on-premises, private, and public clouds, supporting diverse deployment requirements for enhanced flexibility.

Real-time Monitoring

Utilizing Elastic's capabilities, we offer real-time monitoring to ensure immediate detection and response to potential issues within the IT environment.


Threat Detection and Response

Leveraging Elastic's technology, we enable real-time threat detection and rapid response to enhance overall cybersecurity measures.

Real-time Monitoring

Security remains a top priority as Uprevol and Elastic work together to provide continuous monitoring, ensuring proactive identification and mitigation of security threats.

Robust Security Measures

Uprevol integrates Elastic's robust security features to safeguard data and ensure a secure IT environment for clients.

Compliance Assurance

Our collaboration ensures adherence to regulatory standards, creating a secure and compliant data environment for clients across industries.


ESRE, the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™, powers AI-driven search applications, offering semantic search, superior relevance, and seamless integration with external language models and transformer models.


Run data analytics at speed and scale for observability, security, and search with Kibana. Powerful analysis on any data from any source, from threat intelligence to search analytics, logs to application monitoring, and much more.


Logstash, a free and open-source server-side data processing pipeline, efficiently ingests data from diverse sources, transforms it, and seamlessly channels it to your preferred data storage or analytics destination.

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