Expert IT services for the Manufacturing Industry

With UpRevol as your trusted partner, you can accelerate your manufacturing consulting solutions and achieve sustainable growth.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Data-Driven Enterprise Solutions
  • New ESG and Sustainability Compliance
The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving with advancements in technology such as IoT, smart manufacturing, and hyper-personalization. Data from products, supply chains, sensors, and production operations are crucial for making informed decisions and gaining a competitive edge. At CraftedQ, we leverage automation to help manufacturers build smarter businesses, enhance customer interactions, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

The industry sectors we served include

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    Supply Chain Reinvention

    Business growth and seasonal flexibility are easily scaled as our banking IT services adapt to the client’s needs allowing them to easily add and remove users without a headache.

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    Industry 4.0

    UpRevol provides expert guidance on implementing smart manufacturing solutions, IoT technologies, and advanced analytics to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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    Product Innovation

    Our product innovation consulting services enable manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve by developing innovative, high-quality products that meet evolving customer needs.

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    Support Functions

    We provide expert guidance on optimizing finance, HR, procurement, and IT functions, streamlining processes and implementing effective management systems.

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    Portfolio Management

    Our services include market analysis, risk assessment, and tailored investment strategies to enhance profitability, ensuring sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

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    Management Systems

    UpRevol’s management systems consulting services help manufacturers implement effective management systems that support their business objectives.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Business Agility

    Our banking IT services leverage advanced encryption protocols and AI-driven automation, enhancing security and operational efficiency for uninterrupted scalability and adaptability.

  • Security and compliance

    Our clients are able to control business sensitive data and adhere to compliance mandates securely and efficiently while enabling staff to access the data when and how they need it.

  • Office mobility

    We help clients create secure applications and remote user experiences in a reliable and secure network for a mobile workforce that can extend to multiple bank branches and offsite contractors.

  • Application development

    By partnering with us. From the beginning, our managed IT support works within a set budget so our clients get exactly what their business needs without end of month surprises.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

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    Enhancing Efficiency

    UpRevol offers cutting-edge solutions to boost process and system efficiency.

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    Streamlined Operations

    Our digital tools and technologies can be customised to streamline operations.

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    Improved service

    Driving customer satisfaction and loyalty is what Crafted does best for our clients.


Our expertise

Additionally, we specialize in integrating cybersecurity measures to protect critical manufacturing data and systems. Our team offers comprehensive training programs to empower staff with the skills needed to leverage Industry 4.0 technologies effectively. We prioritize sustainability by advising on eco-friendly practices and resource optimization strategies, ensuring long-term profitability and environmental responsibility.


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